A new era begins

DL Yachts offers a range of luxurious, strictly custom motoryachts called Dreamline, that are designed and tailor-made for each individual owner. All motoryachts produced by DL Yachts are unique, they have in common only the technology that makes them stand out in the market and heightens their qualities of comfort and safety.

What also makes the Dreamline range so distinctive is the character of its projects, each of which brings innovations that lead to new ways of conceiving the pleasure of cruising and onboard living.

Many of the innovations on these Dreamline yachts have been developed by Engineer Peter Zuber, the inspiration behind the entire Dreamline project philosophy that is based on over 35 years experience in the nautical sector.

Thanks to its innovative Dreamline range, DL Yachts brings to the market’s attention new solutions that give an excitingly fresh interpretation of luxury cruising and life at sea.
Rigorous care over technical details, top, international class materials and technological solutions to reduce operating costs, all guarantee greater reliability, higher performance and unprecedented standards of comfort. All this is Dreamline.


The finest quality and complete personalisation

Every yacht built by DL Yachts brings technology, innovation and quality.

The shipyard offers projects in both VTR and aluminium, so owners are free to choose the material they wish to build the yacht of their dreams in, and its production expertise ensures the end result is always the best.

By putting its technical staff at the complete disposal of its customers, DL Yachts guides owners towards the best solutions for their particular needs. So every owner has the chance to build not just a yacht, but their very own yacht.

The shipyard, located near Ancona in Italy, is a state of the art yacht-building complex in which the entire construction process from drawing board to launch is carried out by highly motivated, experienced personnel.

Beautifully designed aesthetic and functional details are entrusted to passionate experts who bring to DL Yachts all their experience and the pleasure of working for a company that insists on the highest quality.


Design and Engineering

Breaking ground on the worldwide yachting scene

To reach these ambitious goals, this industrial project has to be founded on the specific experience of outstanding professional experts. Peter Zuber is well aware of this, which is why he has chosen Enrico Gobbi from Team4Design to create both the concept and exterior design and Engineer Giuseppe Arrabito from Arrabito Naval Architects the naval engineering.

This is a team that offers ground-breaking projects in terms of both form and content.

The naval engineering of all the craft in the Dreamline range is remarkable for its breakthroughs in terms of higher performance and lower consumption. Arrabito has, in fact, designed hulls that are specially streamlined to reduce resistance and enable correct sailing in displacement and when planning. At speeds of up to 12 knots, Arrabito’s special, blade-shaped hull guarantees sailing in displacement as resistance is reduced to a minimum. At higher speeds the hull easily begins to plane, allowing yachts to cruise at speeds of up to 30 knots with resistance coefficients that cannot be compared to conventional craft.

In terms of design and interior layouts, on the other hand, the architect, Enrico Gobbi, has developed solutions that offer more space for life onboard, as well as groundbreaking forms and profiles that are dynamic but never excessive. Every design element developed by Gobbi has a remarkable formal harmony that enables it to integrate perfectly with living requirements that are enhanced by that typically Italian combination of elegance, comfort and originality.

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